“Journey Around the World” opening Friday, January 8th 5-7pm in Danville

Please join me on for an opening on Friday, January 8th from 5-7pm at Village Theater Art Gallery, 233 Front Street, Danville California.

The exhibit features the work of four social documentary photographers: Rudi Dundas, John Rizzo, Niki Stefanelli and Mark Tuschman. This collection of images takes viewers on a visual journey visiting Butan, Bolivia, Cambodia, China, Ghana, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Morocco, Myanmar, Turkey and Vietnam. Viewers are invited to explore and contemplate the many ways people live around the world. While the exhibit highlights the traditions of people in very different places around the globe, the images also point to our common humanity, as well as our shared struggles and dreams.

More information about the exhibit can be found in Tri-Valley Times article here